How to deploy Flask App on AWS EC2

As Python is becoming more popular, more and more web applications are getting developed using Python. We can use the Flask framework for deploying web applications developed in Python. This article explains a step-by-step process to deploy a Flask App on AWS. I tried my best to include the background information and the necessary commands to complete the task to help beginner-level AWS and Flask users.

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Data recovery from WD My Cloud

The post here describes step by steps process to retrieve data from a WD My Cloud (Western Digital) drive spoilt by a failed firmware update. The process is simple and very easy to follow. Most importantly, the method described here helps to access your personal data without compromising privacy. If you faced a non-responsive WD My Cloud, comment below how you managed to recover the data. Help to share this post if you know someone might be looking for help to recover their data from non-accessible WD My Cloud.

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How to use a single Mobile phone for work and personal needs?

This post explains a couple of methods to use your Android phone for personal, and business needs instead of carrying two phones. There are ways to achieve this on iPhone using unofficial versions of apps. However, this article focuses on methods for Android phones. The post explains how to get rid of one of your phones – Android or iPhone – and use two WhatsApp and Skype accounts on the same Android phone. Steps are provided to use separate address books for work and personal use. Leave a comment below if you have an alternative solution or have a question related to the implementation. Please help to share this post with anyone who might find it useful.

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